Updates log

  • 7-28-2021
    • Initial demo publish
  • 7-29-2021
    • Demo version 1.1 uploaded
      • Fixes a bug with Skaltos in the fortress area where it would sometimes get stuck in a retreat animation
      • Re-worked the Steggyns to function as originally intended
      • Updated/replaced the original water graphics with new ones
      • Updated the sword in the logo so that it blends in more with the rest of the logo's color
  • 7-30-2021
    • Demo version 1.2 uploaded
      • Fixes a bug where, if the player died after triggering an autoscroll camera script during boss or enemy encounters (in levels), the camera would get locked in place and wouldn't follow the player
      • Removed the weapon wheel due to being really finnicky; it was either remove analog stick support for movement and have a very precise weapon wheel select or remove the weapon wheel mechanic. Weapons can still be equipped from the pause menu
    • Demo version 1.2.1 uploaded
      • Fixed an uncommon bug where, in "mini-levels" (i.e. caves, hidden overworld areas), if there was more than one section to it and the player died, their respawn position room and respawn positions would be messed up
      • Fixed a bug where the Thief enemy could get stuck in the wall
  • 7-31-2021
    • Demo version 1.3 uploaded
      • Several small fixes and balance adjustments

        • Fixed a bug where the down-thrust attack was dealing 5x damage of the sword's level
        • Fixed a bug where you could "stomp" on enemies that were above you while you were below them
        • Fixed a bug where the pause menu could display on the title screen or during cutscenes whenever connection to a gamepad was detected/lost
        • Fixed a minor bug with the Steggyns where they would sometimes be slightly embedded in or float slightly above the ground
        • Fixed a bug in the Heron Fortress mini-level where jumping off screen would make the foreground re-appear
        QOL Additions/adjustments
        • Added an "Options" selection on the title screen that allows the player to adjust the window size, game volume, and view/change the controls
        • Made it so that gamepad users can press "B"/Circle/A on the Xbox/PS4/Switch controllers to cancel or say "No"
  • 8-1-2021
    • Demo version 1.3.1 uploaded
      • Fixes an oversight which allowed players to clip OOB while in a specific location in the world map
      Demo version 1.3.2 uploaded
      • Fixes a glitch where trying to stab a boulder would cause the game to crash
  • 8-15-2021
    • Demo version 1.4 uploaded
      • Minor QOL adjustments for gamepad users
      • Added a dodge cooldown indicator to the top-left of the HUD, beneath the player's HP and MP meters
      • Added the ability to upgrade the  dodge cooldown time when leveling up
      • Added a one-time tutorial that explains how to upgrade your stats after leveling up (this was a common source of confusion I've been told)

   • 9-3-2021
        ○ Demo version 1.4.1 uploaded
                    ◘ Fixes a game-breaking bug involving cutscenes
                    ◘ Minor balance adjustments

  • 9-25-2021
    • Demo version 1.4.2 uploaded
      • Fixed a minor bug where MP would visually appear not to upgrade within the pause menu and level-up menus (it WOULD upgrade, but visuals wouldn't portray this)
      • Made the "upgrade" text in the stats menu flash gold when you're able to upgrade a stat, making it easier to find for new players
      • Re-balanced SP needed for stat upgrades so that you don't need to be level 300 to acquire all stat upgrades
      • Fixed a bug where the user couldn't skip the cutscene at the end of the demo
  • 11-7-2021
    • Demo version 1.4.3 uploaded
      • Fixed a bug where, for first-time users, the game would crash on first run, but would run normally when reattempting to run the .exe
      • Fixed a bug where the game would softlock if the player fell off the bottom of the screen during the autoscroll sequence in Khevari Dunes
      • Added "RPG Mode", which shows damage indicators when you attack an enemy, and also shows whether an enemy is weak or resistant to your attack. This can be toggled on and off in the pause menu
      • Added a mechanic that allows the player to deflect Soldier grenades back at them. This is unlocked by default.
  • 10/1/2022
    • Demo version 2.3.0
      • Several bugs and stability fixes
      • Several quality of life fixes
      • Fixed a minor bug that would allow the player to fall through the floor in the sandstorm area in Khevari Dunes


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what an amazing game, I'm loving the progress so far and I hope to see more, i'll be sure to keep checking